A “Lost” Birthday…

to me!

Well, yesterday was my 29th birthday, and let me tell ya’, it was a pretty good one.

The day began with me getting up way to early to drive to Chino so I could take my Commissioned Pastors test for the Reformed Church in America.  Let’s just say starting your birthday off with a three hour oral exam is not my idea of an awesome birthday gift.  Truth be told, I did enjoy the studying and learning…it was like I was in college again.

After completing said test I headed to the Brea Mall to use my William Sonoma gift card.  If you know me, but at all, you know I love to cook..and you also know that I love that store.  With my purchases in hand I made my way back to the car to make the drive home…of course I had to treat myself to a birthday lunch from Chick fil-A.

After arriving at home all I wanted to do was to take a nap, sadly it was too frickin hot I could not sleep,  instead I watch Ghostbusters 2…yup that’s right…don’t mock me, you know you love it.

My wife had told me we had plans with The Garrisons for dinner so at 7 we took Bella to my mom’s where…SURPRISE…a birthday party was at hand…and not just any surprise party but a “Lost” themed Surprise party, complete with tropical decor and plenty of Dharma food to go around.

I was actually very surprised that my wife pulled off a party with out me finding out.   Of course it helps that she actually decided the day before to do it…and thankfully for me most of my friends didn’t have plans…I’m not sure what that says about all of us.

I have to give a big thanks to my wife for throwing me a party, especially themed to something I love…and she hates.  Also, huge thanks go to Travis and Carrie for helping get everything ready all day Saturday, Angelo for being the tech superhero, Tanya for being Lost inspiration, and of course everyone that was able to make it on such short notice.

As with any fun event I have some awards to give out…so without further adieu…

Best Look a Like to a Lost Character – Jon Gaw as John Locke

Most creative Lost costume – Jen Davies as Smokey

Multiple personality – Liana Dickson as Kate, Rousseau, or Alex (She looked liked all of them)

The too much Lost knowledge award – Tanya Jones and Rachel Samarin

Funniest (inappropriate) birthday card – Mike and Beth Hutton

Funniest (non-inappropriate) birthday card – Darren and Jenny Platt

Best song played – Big Poppa

Well, there you have it my 29th birthday in a nutshell.  If you didn’t know it was my birthday or you couldn’t make it to the party I hold no grudges…that being said I like Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, and Ikea 🙂

As soon as I get some pictures I will post.


3 thoughts on “A “Lost” Birthday…

  1. Congrats on turning 29. I remember you used to have to take finals on your birthday…now just a big test.

    For the record if Emily and I were at your Lost party we would have one at least one of those awards.

  2. It was a fun party. I tried to get approval from lori to shave my head but she said NO!

    Also I knew I should’ve dressed as Frank Lapidus but I couldn’t find my light blue Hawaiian shirt and I just don’t have his crazy hair.

  3. OMW!!! A LOST themed b-day party would be like the ultimate in birthday parties!!! I’m so jealous of you and your Dharma food I can’t even tell you…

    Happy Birthday!

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