Best Live Performances – Michael Jackson, U2, Beyonce, Green Day, Coldplay, and a few others.

OK! So, I haven’t done a serious post in a long time…it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s more because my thoughts are not organized enough with all that has happened. I am currently working on a post entitled thoughts on authenticity but until that time I have this one. Today at lunch we were discussing great live performances so below you will find some of my favorites. I chose on originality, creativity, and sheer enjoyment. You don’t have to agree with me…but I bet you will. Feel free to add your own.

In no particular order here are my favorites…

Michael Jackson – Billy Jean – It’s not the original but still, no description needed!

U2 and Green Day – The Saints are Coming – Sentimental for me, but also incredible.

NYSYNC – BYE BYE BYE – Don’t mock me! I apologize for the beginning of the video but if you wade through it and watch the BYE BYE BYE portion you will understand why I think it is one of the best…I hope. It’s just the middle part.

Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Castello, Dave Grohl, and Steve Van Zandt – The Clash Tribute – If you don’t know who The Clash are…then know that I am sad for you.

Guns N Roses and Elton John – November Rain – When of the best/odd combinations in a live performance…ever.

BeyonceRing the Alarm – Say what you want, this performance is sick…specifically beginning at 2:29

Coldplay – The Scientist – Granted this is one of my favorite songs, but the simplicity of this performance is beautiful.

U2 – Super Bowl – Sure U2 is on here twice…there’s a reason…they rock! And this performance is not only frickin awesome but it’s also moving…in fact if you don’t get chills…check your pulse.


16 thoughts on “Best Live Performances – Michael Jackson, U2, Beyonce, Green Day, Coldplay, and a few others.

  1. I reckon this list doesn’t contain any of the greatest love performances ever.

    Check out Chili Peppers Live at Slane :). I reckon it should be number 1. (Under the Bridge and Don’t forget me)

  2. I realize these are much more modern, but I would take Van Morrison and The Band during the performance of “Caravan” on The Last Waltz.

  3. you children should really check out quuen at live aid!its no good saying this or that band which is your favorite is the best.this is

  4. Well I love the majority of this list but having Nsync there and not having Queen Live at wembley stadium is a joke. I agree with Jason 100%!!!

  5. of course u2 should be twice on this list! And my personally best live act ever is from U2 Go Home @ Slane Castle where the eprform “All I wan is you” and “Where the Streets have no name” back to back

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