My buddy Bret has placed a challenge out there…to take a picture of your top 25 songs played on your iTunes. So, here is my top 25…and now it is your turn.

Tech Support – For you Mac folks, it’s Command (Apple)-Shift-4, you get the crosshairs, draw a box around what you want to cut out, it takes a picture. For Windows users, Print Screen, open Paint, paste, copy the section you want, open a new Paint window, paste that, save it. Or, you can just type it out (commenters, you’ll have to do that).


3 thoughts on “iTunes

  1. This is fun. I’ll have mine up on Raz and I’s blog soon. Which, by the way, you can change in your east coast blogroll for me. I’m so pumped to hang out with you in a few weeks!!!

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