30 Rock, Mr. Mom, Weight Watchers, and A Voyage Long and Strange

Here I am. Preparing for what I am sure will be an interesting week. Leanne is gone on a week long retreat…and I am all alone with the baby…being Mr. Mom

Mr. Mom

So, I’ve never been the sole provider before. I’m pretty sure I can handle it…I hope. The great thing is, is that Bella is uber easy however, I am still kind of freaked out about being single dad for a week. I’m not sure how to balance the work and baby thing on my own…especially in a week when I am preparing for a sermon ths coming Sunday and a wedding I will be performing. So I might just stay home and forgo the social activities that I would normally partake in and prepare for Sunday…and watch 30 Rock.

30 Rock

I am not a big fan of Alec Baldwin…in fact he kind of annoys me, which has caused me to not even attempt to watch 30 Rock. Well after months of hounding from Tanya I gave in and watched an episode…thanks to HULU I have now watched the entire second season…in 3 days. Seriously, it’s genius! Since Leanne is gone and since I will not be partaking in social activities Tanya is letting me borrow season 1 so I can watch it in the evenings after Bella goes to sleep, but to protect my brain from too much TV I will also be reading my new book…A Voyage Long and Strange.

A Voyage Long and Strange

I do so enjoy a good book…truth be told I’m kind of a book whore…I’ll read just about anything. Between business books, apologetic books, missional Church books, and the Walt Disney Biography I have found some time to brush up on my History Books. My newest is entitled “A Voyage Long and Strange”. To read a synopsis click here. I’m actually quite looking forward to it and hoping to gain a few new bits of info to store away in my noggin…but truth be told we shouldn’t just exercise our noggins but our bodies as well which leads me to Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers

Leanne and I have been discussing making some serious life changes and setting good goals for ourselves. So this week I start Weight Watchers. I kind of would like to live a long productive life so I’m not so much into the continual self sabotage that we Americans do to ourselves. I can’t do it alone…the Big guy upstairs is going to have to help me…of course you can too. I open myself up to you my friends…you have permission to ask me how’s it going…heck you can even ask me how many points I have used in the day.

Moving forward…

This week will be interesting, but I have no doubt it will be great…it’s the continual process of moving forward…I don’t do so well being stagnant so I trust God to continue to lead me on.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “30 Rock, Mr. Mom, Weight Watchers, and A Voyage Long and Strange

  1. Ok, I’ve never seen Mr. Mom, but did anyone else notice that the chick had no lower half of her body!?!?! What’s up wit that shit??

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