Lost – for 8 months

8 long months we must wait. 220 Days. For my fellow Lost friends, I mourn with you and wait expectantly for it’s return. If your not a Lost fan – go get the DVDs and allow yourself to be engulfed by master story telling…and you will quickly come to understand why we are like a cult.

For those of you who saw it…what did you think of the finale?


5 thoughts on “Lost – for 8 months

  1. Well said, my friend. I think I need to re-rent ALL seasons and watch them continuously until the new season. I’m far too addicted. And I wasn’t surprised at all that “Jeremy” was Locke. It fit perfectly. So…Sawyer & Juliet? Wide open…

  2. dude, the finale was awesome. i stayed up til 3 watching it a seond time. 😀 of course, that meant i was no good for school the next day, but once i explained that i had been up all night watching lost, they understood, because they all did too, even though we’re only to the end of s2 as a class. they had no idea what was going on, but they still loved it! 😀

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