I am sitting in awe of God’s wonder right now.  Outside my window a beautiful thunderstorm rages.  Inside we are safe and dry as we watch in amazement and listen with expectation.  With each flash we see a picture.  With each flash the world is illuminated.  I am relaxed for the first time in months and it I think it might be because of how small I feel right now.  When a storm rages and you are caught in the middle you come to an understanding of how vulnerable you really are…for some that vulnerability causes fear…for me it causes trust.

So tonight I sit and watch from the safe haven of my shelter and I rest in the wonder that can not be explained.


One thought on “Thunderstorms

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I always love the fierce storms because they make me nervous. I know that makes no sense at all so let me explain. Basically it makes me realize “Hey, there’s absolutely nothing I can do about this. All I am able to do is trust in God to protect me.” Thanks for the post!

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