When strangers approach

Alright, so I am at a mall today waiting for my wife and sister in law to be done shopping at H&M. There I am minding my own business munching on an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel and sipping on some lemonade – when all of a suddenly this blond lady walks up to me, smiles and says…”is your name Topher?”

What the heck…how do people know who I am out here?! I said yes with a look on my face of what I am sure was – are you going to kill me…and she said I have heard so much about you. Innocently I said…ummm from who? I work with your mother in law, she said.

OHHHHHHHHHH! Apparently my mom in law talks about me a lot has lots of pictures of us up at the hospital she works at. Kind of freaked me out though…I’m not going to lie.


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