I am so manly.

Ok, so I am sitting in my chair at home talking on the phone to Jenny about VBS stuff when I look up and see a spider crawling on the ceiling…right above my head.

Now everyone knows I am scared to death of the eight legged little minions of the devil, so of course what happened next caused massive trauma.

As soon as I thought in my head I should move in case it falls…the thing fell on my face…MY FACE!!! I jumped up screaming into the phone, “it fell on my face, it fell on my face”!

As my wife and daughter ran in I said it’s over their kill it – kill it.

I know, I know…

I am so manly.


10 thoughts on “I am so manly.

  1. Actual Photo? NASTY!

    I hate them too, but i usually kill them, or use the dust buster to suck them up and then do the deed, I just don’t like leaving big grease/guts spots on the walls.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! That’s my worst nightmare. As a matter of fact, two nights ago I woke up screaming because I swore I saw a spider falling from the ceiling onto me in bed. I ducked under the covers to avoid it getting on me! It ended up being just a dream. This happens to me a lot actually. Talk about phobia!!!

  3. That’s why I never walk under spiders…I know it’s that very moment that they’ll decide to come down their web.

    I can usually kill small ones….but if they are really big I’ll spray them to death with air freshener or hair spray. I’m humane like that.

  4. this reminds me of the brian regan story he tells about the guy who walks into a spider web and freaks out but those walking by just think he’s a total freak. Picture me laughing at you as your freak out…all in love man, all in hilarious love.

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