I have a responsibility

I have a responsibility…one that is not put on anyone but myself. The responsibility is to bring people’s attention to the realities that still exist in New Orleans as the entire area continues to try and rebuild.

Already, I know that some will have stopped reading this post…which makes me sad and angry…because I have to ask the question why? Why have so many moved on? I think its because people do not understand the realities. Right now we have a team gutting a house, feeding homeless people, and doing a VBS…all in an effort to not only help people rebuild…but to help them overcome and give hope when so many have been so deeply scarred by the experience…especially the children.

I want you to take a look at this trailer for a documentary called Katrina’s Children. I want you to understand the realities that exists because that is the responsibility I have. The need is overwhelming and it has been almost three years. We have moved on, but so many have been unable to…which is why I ask you to continue to pray and help in whatever ways that you can.

Thanks to Kim Bechtel for bringing this documentary to my attention so that I can share it with all of you.

Revolution will be leading another trip the week after Christmas. If you are interested it’s never too early to sign up.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “I have a responsibility

  1. That clip is heart breaking. Those kids have gone through so much and yet they speak with such hope – it’s amazing. I’m glad that the team that just went had a chance to work with the kids!

    Is there any way that team that goes in December could too? Even for one day?

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