Thoughts on Rick Warren

OK, so I am breaking my blogging silence. Why do I choose to do it with a post about Rick Warren…well, why not?

Let me be clear up front…I am not bashing the guy. I have no desire to try and deny the incredible things God has done through Mr. Warren and his church. (sidebar – that sentence kind of makes me ill…I’ll let you figure out why.)

Sometimes I think he is brilliant, for instance, getting both McCain and Obama to do a joint panel gives quite a bit of free publicity…oh yeah, it also gives an opportunity to hear about what “Christians” and Americans really care about.

Other times I think he’s scary, for instance, getting both McCain and Obama to do a joint panel together. It freaks me out because it shows how much pull this guy has. Seriously, I don’t know what I think of any “pastor” having that much influence and authority. On the flip side of that Mr. Warren and his wife really have used a lot of their influence for some incredible things – particularly their current work in Africa which is quite amazing – so is the fact that he reverse tithes.

Now, I’m not completely sure why…I mean I don’t know the guy personally..but he does wig me out a little bit. I am sure he is a lovely individual who wants to see the kingdom of God expanded. However, for some reason Mr. Warren, Joel Olsteen, Tom Jones (not the singer), and a few others in the Christian world make my skin kind of crawl. While other like Bob Russell, Andy Stanly, Bill Hybels, and Hank Wilson excite me – and remind me of why I do what I do and that not all is lost in America when it comes to Jesus.

So where does that leave me? I dunno. I guess it leaves me in the same place I have been. Doing the best I can where I am at while dreaming huge dreams with great expectations of how God will use those who trust Him to build His Church. So Wether you are a part of a 300 person church in Lakewood, California – a 20,000 person church in South Orange County, a new church plant in Boston, a country church in Missouri, or in the streets of New Orleans…I ask one thing…Keep going…and for the love of everything good and holy try not to get in the way.

As for Rick, I think I could call him Rick now, I hope God continues to do great things…but he still wigs me out.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Rick Warren

  1. Hello Rick,

    I,ve written about Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, and about Andy Stanley(under Young Dr. Charles Stanley)in my blog. I first meet Andy Stanley when we were both 18 in Wes Cantrell’s class at First Baptist Church of Atlanta. There were only about 12 of us guys in it. He seldom spoke out, but when he did. He earned my respect.

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