I blame Facebook

Seriously, what has happened to me?  I used to blog on a regular basis and now look at me.  It’s been almost a month…a month!  I hang my head in shame.  I blame Facebook.  I really do.  It’s just so simple and easy to update and well, you know, blogs take effort, they take thought.  Sadly, Facebook has turned me into a product of convenience and simplicity.  

But No More I say!  No More!  I believe in a world where casual bloggers and addicted Facebook users can coexists in what can only be described as a parasitic relationship.  So here’s to the technology that is stealing my soul, and here’s to returning to the blogosphere.

ooooooo some one just wrote on my wall…gotta go.


5 thoughts on “I blame Facebook

  1. Amen brother!

    My facebook profile sat unused for a long time, I had originally set it up to connect with an old friend and then forgot about it.

    Then one day a few months ago I remembered I had a profile, logged in, updated it started searching for people. I found a bunch of people and I started to *get* what facebook was about (the apps / simplicity of the interface) and compared to myspace it was quite an awesome application.

    I’ve also become addicted to it and mostly because it works so darn well. It ties in perfectly with Twitter, flickr, last.fm, your blog, your google reader shared… and many other applications

    There’s not much clutter and the ad system is pretty smart and unobtrusive, UNLIKE MYADSPACE!

    OH and it’s so darn easy to check it on your iphone!

    Once you start to use it it’s like crack!!!

    You are right, it is a challenge balancing Blogging and microblogging (twitter, facebook) but I guess that just makes the Blog posts that much better / more important.

    So for me when I have something more to say than a quick comment or a few lines, I will Blog. Otherwise it’ll be a quick twit to update my statues!

    Oh oh oh, I got a comment time to go!

  2. You just said what I’ve been thinking all summer!! I’m obsessed with knowing other people’s status’. Seriously…I think I need help! The fact that it’s on my phone (although it’s not a cool iphone) makes it irresistable. I just blogged for the first time in 2 or 3 weeks – and like what Angelo said it so true, #1 it’s like crack (we all know what that’s like) and #2 what I blogged can’t possibly fit into a status update so it became blog worthy.

    Is there a fan page or group for status updates? Cause I think I might join.

  3. I see pumpkins,
    Yes, I do,
    Reminding me of the graveyard in Carl Junction and people faking demon possession…
    Just like YOU!

    It just wouldn’t be fall without reliving that one…

  4. What are you DOING on Facebook? Are you writing to people?? Because you never responded to MY comments!!!

    Better watch it, Lytle…I’m on the verge of cutting you OUT! “You don’t live nearby, you aren’t related….you lift right out!!!” 🙂

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