Learning to not do God’s job

I find I have this issue. It may be because I am a protector of people, it may be my own righteous/unrighteous indignation, it could very well be my lack of trust in the creator of the world…but my issue is that I tend to want to step in and make sure people don’t screw up the church and/or the name of Jesus…its sounds noble…but I’m not sure it is.

You see, here is the problem. When someone does something that I am wholly against and they push there own agenda I want to fight. I want to take out Billboards, newspaper ad space, and hire a sky writer to defend the truth and what I believe to be correct, especially when it comes to the church. I automatically question, the speed, time, motivation, and other such unknowables of those individuals who feel as though the world owes them something as they appear to take advantage of things while seemingly getting away with it.

All that to ask the question…why? I, like everyone else has some form of convictions and I, like everyone else have opinions…some of which are very strong and yet I find that some of these opinions lead me rather than allowing God to lead me. If I believe in the sovereignty in God…which I do…then why do I try and do His job?

Those are my thoughts for the day. I’m done now. Seriously though, am I the only one that struggles with this?


6 thoughts on “Learning to not do God’s job

  1. Nope.

    And you know what? You’re right. God is sovereign. And usually He uses people to get things done. That’s why it gets a little messy trying to discern what’s Him and what’s us. But maybe, on occasion, it is God leading. And maybe that’s why He’s given you that passion.

    Enjoying the return to blogging, by the way! 😉

  2. Could it stem from a sense of personal responsibility? I often find myself in a similar boat and feel that, while I know God is sovreign, He expects me to “do my part”? I know my part doesn’t truly matter. God hardly “needs” me to “take care of things”. But maybe there’s a ongoing sense that God will always be in control, be sovreign, be everything that we can’t wrap our brain around…and still expect us to get to work?

    I don’t think I’ll ever shake that.

    Thanks for asking good questions on your blogs.

  3. I’ve learned that if it’s something I don’t want to do than usually that’s God telling me to do it.

    You have a beautiful heart Christopher!

    Oh, and I love the pumpkin picture.

  4. So I ask you – how do you know that God isn’t asking you to buy the billboard, hire the skywriter and place the ad in the newspaper.


    You know you can count on me to remind you that a sovreign God may use anyone, anytime for anything in any way.

    Don’t forget some of those great Bible stories where people acted on thier own in order to protect people of God (or even if the people were not of God, but they acted anyway)…

    – Let’s say, Lot for example – he wasn’t about to let the towns people get those angels (he didn’t know they were angels, but just people). He was going to throw his daughters at them – the angels stopped him – he was rewarded for his standing up as a good man and was saved from destruction. . .

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. I believe that Godly men who seek God’s will generally do God’s will. Men who squander their lives after personal reward and acclaim do not.

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