Since you’ve been gone

Does anyone else out there in the world of blogs fret over the title of your most recent post? I sure do. I thinks its because it’s a calling card of creativity – a proclamation of intent. You want to be catchy enough to be interesting with giving just enough information of what the post is about to keep your reader reading.

That being said…Since you’ve been gone.

When you hear that, odds are you begin to sing a certain song in your head of the same name. So why is my post today entitled that? Ahhh…now that’s the question. This is more of an experiment really. You see, most of you out there who subscribe to my posts know me fairly well and while I allude to a well known song, many may jump to a preconceived conclusion of what or who I am speaking of.

While it would be foolish of me (and much less entertaining) to give away the full meaning of my title today, I do want to say this. There are times in your life when a weight is lifted and you begin to see things anew. You begin to see whats worth your time, whats not, and what needs to change. So although “since you’ve been gone” may seem that I am talking about one thing, the reality is – I am actually speaking of several things in my life…some positive, some negative, some indifferent, some human, while some are merely ideals. So what are they?

Well…now where’s the fun in that?

Until next time….


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