Thoughts on imagination

The imagination is such a powerful thing.  You can try and hide it behind the logic of the “real world” but it still somehow finds it’s way out of the lock box that we stuff it in.  All one has to do is glance around.

Go ahead glance around.  Look at your desk, or computer, look outside, or at the pictures hanging on the walls.  All a person has to do is look and take time to have your eyes see the truth that the world is creative and full of imagination….that God is creative and and the author of imagination.

Nature screams out, “notice me, I’m beautiful! I’m interesting- I’m unique, and I was created by the most imaginative person ever”.  People, art, science..they all cry out beggin for attention, asking to be seen for the exquisite impossible creations that they are, and yet so many times we see nothing – and worse we refuse to believe in the impossible and are cynical towards anything that has to do with embracing our own creativity.

The problem arises as we grow up.  We become too busy to notice-too busy to care-too overwhelmed to unleash our own God given creativity and imagination and too embarrassed to embrace the child like wonder and dreams inside of us.  Why?

Who said you have to stay between the lines?

Who said an adult can’t dream like a child?

Who said your imagination, your creativity are useless?

Why can’t you believe in the impossible?

Why should any of us suppress the very thing that God has gifted every person with?

Don’t you ever wonder why people love going to the snow, or to the movies?  Do you ever wonder why people are captivated by space shuttles, atoms, and fireflies?  Do you ever wonder why people immerse themselves in things like Christmas, museums, Disneyland, Halloween, music, and nature?  It’s simple, it stirs something in our souls.  Something deep within us begging to get out.  Something that we have pushed away in an effort to appear grown up.  It stirs our imagination…and for a brief time we begin to believe in the amazement of the world around us.  We begin to be reminded of dreams and hopes of when we were children?  We begin to ask the question that launches dreams into reality…what if?

All of you out there in the bolgosphere – stop being fearful, stop pushing it down, stop telling yourself that you’re not creative…Dive in and swim in the wonder of it all.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on imagination

  1. thanks for sharing! i love it! it brought to mind all things sparkly and fun and enchanting and colorful and mysterious and magnificent! thank you–i needed that reminder, of the things that are meant to inspire us to think beyond this realm. 🙂

  2. I have been thinking about the same thing. I have looking and listening a little deeper and I can see God’s hand in so much around me. I have been thinking about why I have to be trapped by my limitations but can I really trust God to step out of the boat and walk on the water. Do I pray for the opportunity or does it just present itself?

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