Question of the Day 9/20

When you were  a kid (or adult) what was your favorite cartoon?

Mine….Scooby Doo


Duck Tales…a woo hoo!

Your turn……….


7 thoughts on “Question of the Day 9/20

  1. I probably first watched/enjoyed Merrie Melodies and Looney Toones (the old WB) stuff… that Bugs Bunny was quite the wise ass and they often had good music accompaniment!

    The old “classic” Disney stuff (Silly Symphonies and Mickey Mouse series)

    Definitely The Animaniacs because they resembled the “classic” WB style and wit.

    I also enjoyed Garfield, because I loved the comic strip. Duck Tales was also high on my list.

    I love cartoons and I look forward to introducing Dominic to (what I consider) real cartoons, none of that 4 frames per second POP Japan Anime crap! I choose you, ROOSTOR!

  2. Jem and Beverly Hills Teens – no doubt! There was another one that I use to watch, it wasn’t a cartoon though. It was about kids living with dinosaurs and they lived in a cave of sort. I can’t even remember the name of it but it was awesome (when I was 5!)

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