Question of the Day 9/22

If your car broke and you needed to get a new car which would it be?


For us…it was a new Scion XB.  Our car broke this weekend and we actually got payments we can afford.  Thank you Jesus!

Here it is – the new and improved Lytle Wagon.


7 thoughts on “Question of the Day 9/22

  1. Happy for you guys, congratulations. If I had to get another car, it’s be another subaru, I love them. If I could get any car right now, it’d probably be an Audi of some sort, sooo cool.

  2. I am quite happy with the car that I have now but if I could just pick a new one and price wasn’t an option – I think I’d go for the Volvo XC90 (the SUV) or a Range Rover – those are awesome cars!

  3. i don’t know about the rest of these peeps, but i fully support your choice!! 😉

    welcome to the club, my friend!

    btw, just as a warning…do not speak to me for at least two weeks if you added the sun roof!!! that feature was not yet being offered when we bought ours…i knew there had to be some sort of consequence to buying it right away!!! ugggghhhh!

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