Thoughts on Fall


Sure it’s 84 degrees outside…so what?  In my make believe world its 72 degrees slightly overcast with a breeze. Come on…it’s fall – which means – my favorite time of year.  I tend to romanticize just about everything and fall is something that I will forever be smitten with. There is just something about it. Cooler temperatures, football games, colored leaves, pumpkins, the beginning of school, all of it. For about two months we can relax as the non stop happenings of summer have ended, and the holidays are still just a distant thought. It a season that celebrates change…a change that I think everyone could use.  A change that could lead to hope and a sense of joy of the oncoming truths that surround the holidays.  It is a time when there is slight chill in the breeze letting us know that winter is coming, while being a gentle reminder to relish the beauty around us.

Leaves dance a long sidewalks, and pumpkins grace doorsteps. The smell of fresh baked pies fill the air as children climb trees. The days become shorter while the night invites us to gather together to drink cider and hot cocoa. Trees put on a brief fireworks display as they are set ablaze in colors of gold, red, and orange. We celebrate the harvest time…because it is good and we have been blessed.  vermont-autumn-cliche.jpg

It is fall, and although people may scoff at me and say there is no autumn here…the images in my head and heart say otherwise… For there, I am getting ready to dive into a big pile of leaves…and no one can take that away from me.

I really am a sucker for the fall.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Fall

  1. Apparently yours is the only blog I like to comment on 🙂

    I have recently realized that saying summer is my favorite season is a total load of crap. Summer is the busiest time at work, our tiny studio apartment is blazing hot, I hardly have a moment to breathe, and I am absolutely miserable being hot! So, I now believe that fall is my favorite time…not that I’ve ever experienced a “real” fall, but I love the time around Thanksgiving when you get to wear boots and pea coats and not be totally freezing like you would be in January 🙂

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