Question of the day 9/24

What is your favorite restaurant?

Mine – Maggiano’s or La Creperie Cafe


11 thoughts on “Question of the day 9/24

  1. Nola was pretty impressive although I’ve only been there once so it probably can’t count as a favorite.

    So I’ll go with the Fitness Grill in Brea – if you’ve never been there, what are you waiting for??

  2. Dude, i’ve been to the fitness grill!!! That place rocked the one time i was there.

    I miss fazolis Breadsticks though!

    and Pizza King Pizza

    And Arni’s Salads back home in Indiana.

  3. Did Jamie seriously say Outback is one of her favorite restaurants? Wow. I’ll go with Gypsy Den, it’s like a pair of warm socks. Not the food, the atmosphere…the atmosphere is the socks. The food is definitely not socks.

  4. oh my gosh…I have one that tops all of my previous answers…Tommy’s Sushi in Tustin. Totally not where you would expect to find awesome sushi, but it’s amazing. Final answer.

  5. mmm…I haven’t been to La Creperie in so long…

    If you want some really good Japanese food, I’d have to say Kappo Honda in Fountain Valley…and they’re open pretty late too…which works well for me. =P

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