Awesome Bacteria

Take a look at what’s happening in my city.

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5 thoughts on “Awesome Bacteria

  1. Ya i talked to my doctor about it today during my visit since i was in the Downey Area.

    He told me to not shower for 8 days. Then to run the water in my house for an hour to clean any contaminants that may still be in the line going from the wells to your house.

    Hope you didn’t shower today!!!!

    Okay just kidding. but had you goin. He just said make sure to use antibacterial soap and scrub for 30 seconds. And don’t drink the kool-aid for a further 3 days.

    Happy Trails!

  2. Interesting to hear people talk about how hard it is to go without instant water for a few days. All the while there are millions if not billions of people around the world without the luxury everyday.

    Good reminder, eh?

  3. I get your point Bobby but I think it’s a bigger deal/more than just a mere inconvenience (to most) because the city and surroundings (heck the entire country) have been setup for years to rely on instant access to clean water for most EVERYTHING we do.

    Downey is a city of 100K+ population (as of 2000) which occupies a little over 12 square miles and suddenly not having access to clean water is a major problem for all.

    The difference compared to the many of million/billion people you speak of (who DO deserve the same luxury) have NEVER had access to clean water and have not come to rely on it (they’ve adapted in some way) so nothing’s been taken away from them they didn’t already not have.

    So yeah, it’s a good reminder to be thankful and generous but I also think it’s VERY scary that something (we don’t know what did it yet) can just instantly cut off access to a resource 100k+ rely on so much.

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