A letter from Jamie Stavenger

Dear Christopher Lytle…

On Friday, September 26th at 3:31 p.m., my dear friend Christopher Lytle left the following comment for me:

“I think you guys should blow off Vegas and come to our Harvest party. You know, since you guys don’t have fall in Minnesota.

That statement inspired Chris and I to take a drive around our neighborhood on Sunday afternoon to, you know, take pictures of our “non-fall” here in Duluth.

A street in the Woodland area of Duluth (where we live).

The baseball field a block from our house.

More trees.

Lots of color on our street!

We can see this cemetery from our street, also.

Maybe, Christopher, you should have your harvest party HERE…you know,
since concrete doesn’t turn pretty colors in the fall.

——end letter——

OK, OK – The truth is I am just really really jealous of Jamie and Chris.  I mean they got an apple tree in the front yard…you know what I have…a brick wall.  Alas, that is life…and Southern California isn’t all that bad – I mean we do have Disneyland.  Jamie we love you!


4 thoughts on “A letter from Jamie Stavenger

  1. And, truth be told, I am kinda missing the warm weather (even if you ARE all complaining about it…). Perhaps you should plan a family visit out here next October!!! We’d GLADLY house you!

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