Question of the day 10/2

Mac or PC?

Ummmm – seriously, it’s not even a competition.  Once you go MAC you never go back.


10 thoughts on “Question of the day 10/2

  1. My only gripes with the mac are: it’s still more expensive and overall less customizable than a PC…

    That being said since I’ve switched over to Mac (specifically because of Intel components and OSX) I’ve been very happy with it.

    I enjoy them because they just work and I’m not spending time maintaining a computer and more time using it.

  2. Yeah, ridiculous question. Was this a secret ploy to find out who is really enlightened or saved? Or just a place for the guys who can’t handle change and like to be rogue like Bambrick a place to be subversive?

    Mac. And I used to think that Michael Eisner was the anti-Christ. But now with his downfall of power, I’m starting to wonder about Steve Jobs. He’s taking over the world.

  3. Are we talking about hardware or operating systems? I like PC hardware because of the lower cost and upgrade options. I don’t particularly care about the operating system that runs on the hardware as long as it gets out of my way and does everything I need it to do. Windows XP suits my needs perfectly especially with regard to gaming.

  4. I still don’t know if I care enough to appreciate the benefits of my MAC. I want to. But I only use it for basic Word docs, email and internet. I liked my PC because I knew how everything worked. But that was back in the day. Before it was stolen. Blah.

  5. Why isn’t there room for both? My MacBook Pro dual-boots Leopard and Vista, and runs both like a champ. Vista for games and certain work-related tasks, Leopard for general use. I dig em both, and would be perfectly happy using either if I was forced to stick to one. =)

  6. Are you serious. Let’s see, if I want to be trendy, have a monitor that is a neon color or white, have no reason to do anything other than video or music – and want to pay extremely high amounts of money for *nominal* performance, oh, and want to appear cool and young and hip – yeah, I might choose a MAC – but seriously, if I want to perform complex calculations, run any type of machinery, land an airplane or launch a space shuttle, not to mention perform precise medical procedures or heck, how about run the stock exchange – you better be running a PC box that has the ability to out perform any MAC – run UNIX or something other than WYSIWYG point and click software. I have a Dell XPS system that runs Vista right now and has a Unix kernel as well – on a dual monitor (both 26″ HD monitors – total cost is 1/2 of your macbook and I would say it OUTPERFORMS any MAC I have seen – oh, and it can run OSX if I wanted to add another OS to it. So as for being a rogue – yep, that’s me – I don’t follow ‘conformity’ and go with the flashy – here today and gone tomorrow computer stuff. Give me a C: prompt anyday!

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