Question of the day 10/5

What is your biggest fear.

No suprise here – mine is spiders, with a close second being clowns.


4 thoughts on “Question of the day 10/5

  1. Aren’t you supposed to be in church right now? My biggest fear, which happens to be pretty irrational I know, is having my achilles tendon cut. A lot of my friends and co-workers know this and even talking about it totally freaks me out. I don’t even like it when Keith touches it to joke around about it. When I think about it I immediately point my toes so that it is less vulnerable than it is with my foot flexed. Try it, you’ll see what I mean.

  2. Wow, Liana, thanks for that, I could really only read half your comment because I’m now freaked out about my achilles tendon… BAH, I’m creeped out.

  3. That achilles tendon thing – ouch!!

    I have a fear that my breaks will fail when driving downhill. Maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated with those runaway truck ramps.

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