Question of the day 10/8

I just landed in Atlanta which gave me inspiration for today’s question.

Who is the worst airline to fly on?

I say Northwest.


8 thoughts on “Question of the day 10/8

  1. I can tell you who I love…
    Southwest – free liquor many of times.
    Frontier and JetBlue….great
    The Flying Beaver in Vancouver – just research it
    And SkyWest was voted Hottest Flight Attendants per Maxim. I agree

    Mainline United employees are very unhappy and not nice many of times.

    Mesa Airlines – Worst Airline that is still in business.

  2. Southwest. You might as well be riding the bus. Not cool.

    Virgin America, on the other hand. Very cool. And the prices ain’t too shabby.

  3. I’ve had more less-than-great American experiences than any other. NWA was great coming back from Alaska, for me anyways. And my all-time favorite airline is Austrian Airlines – BEST service ever!!!

  4. um… all of them. First, let me preface – I don’t like flying – in fact after each flight I say that it was my last… but, charging for baggage, charging for food, charging for headsets, next they will charge for the little air vent over your head… I do not like any airline. Is that hateful enough?

  5. There are more airlines that I like rather than dislike. I’m on the opposite spectrum from Rick…I really like flying…haha…and road trips. I guess I just like traveling in general.

    The airline I really didn’t like was America West…then it merged with another airline that I don’t particularly favor…U.S. Airways.

    If you want to try something different, I suggest Virgin America…they have TVs at every seat and have cool pinkish-purpleish mood lighting.

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