Catalyst 08 – Day 1 – At least no one was hurt

So there we were, 6 guys in a mini van rolling through downtown Atlanta – anxiously wanting to get to ourhotel, hit up a Waffle House, and get some good rest before the first day of Catalyst – all I heard was ‘WHOAH” and as I looked up from the directions in my shotgun position I had just enough time to say, “oh crap”!

We hit at about 65mph the truck in front of us swung a round and it’s tailgate was locked with my door then it got hit by another car, and then we got hit by another car, and then we all hit two other cars.  6 cars in total at 3:45 on a 

rainy Wednesday on I75 North in the middle of downtown Atlanta.  We only took up 3 lanes of traffic initially, until they stopped all lanes of traffic…twice…so as to move the cars to the other side of the freeway.  I was grateful it happened under an overpass because not ten minutes after the accident it began to pour.

Two “interesting” tow a truck rides later, we rented another car and off we went.  What should have taken 45 minutes turned into 7 hours.  It shook us up a bit, but at least no one was hurt…in fact all the other drivers (save for one who refused to make eye contact with anyone) were quite pleasent and showed us some Southern hospitality going as far as informing of us of some concerts in town that we might want to check out.

My biggest fear was that the accident would overshadow the conference…it did not, if anything it got us focused on God real quick…

Stay tuned for tomorrow…Catalyst 08 – Day 2 – The meaning in the silence.


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