More quotes I love

A while back I posted about a few quotes that really strike a chord with me.  Well after last week and hearing some more quotes – I thought I would share a few more.  Enjoy.

“The mountaintop is not meant to teach us anything, it is meant to make us something.” – Oswald Chambers

“The devil is not my greatest enemy – I am.” – Jeremy Bacon

“Some people lose sight of the fact that of two evils, it isn’t necessary to chose either.” – Unknown

“The narratives of Scripture were not meant to describe our world…but to change the world in which we now live. – Stanley Haverwas

“Our enemies can often correct our faults by their disparagement, just as the flattery of friends can corrupt us.” – Augustine

“”Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.” – Nietzsche

“Authentic ministry for God requires an authentic relationship with God.” -Jeff Snell

“If your not willing to die for me, you can’t fight for me.” – CSLL

“If you can’t feed one hundred people, then feed just one.” – Mother Theresa

“To reach people no one else is reaching, we must do things that no one else is doing.” – Craig Groechel

“Believe in the vision God has given you even when there is nothing to see.” – Steven Furtick

I am always open to new quotes that kick my butt. So feel free to share. Until next time…


One thought on “More quotes I love

  1. I like the mountaintop one. I forget where I heard it recently, but the concept that the mountaintop is where you go when you have it out with God. It’s not the happy “mountaintop” experience I grew up understanding. It’s the place you meet with God…for good or for ill…and inevitably the place you are, indeed, made into something else. It’s wierd to think of New Orleans/Journey (the ending thereof) as a mountaintop experience…but I guess it was.

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