Question of the day 10/18

What do you do when you feel sick that makes you feel better?

Me- Avoid people at all costs and watch mind numbing television and movies as I silently comatose myself with NyQuil.  Man I love Saturday nights!


3 thoughts on “Question of the day 10/18

  1. Would you like me to bring you some sprite?

    For some reason when we were in middle school there was this thing amongst (some) students that you were allowed to bring Sprite into class when you were sick because it helped you to get better! Of course I never believed it and I always thought that’s just what a few of the dumber students believed and were looking for ways to break the rules!

    I think on South Park when the Native American’s all got S.A.R.S (from the blankets infested with the disease) they turned to the white person’s remedy which was Chicken Noodle Soup, DayQuill and Sprite!

    If you need either of those things let me know!!

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