Question of the day 10/21

What is the best vacation you have ever had?

Mine would be the last vacation before my parents split up. We were at Lake Powell.


7 thoughts on “Question of the day 10/21

  1. We never really took vacations when I was a kid but as an adult I’d classify my 5 months abroad as the best vacation ever – Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland and England!

  2. Summer 2001 Trip to Italy to visit family, While it was very hard to be away from Lori, I had the most amazing time and ate some of the best food in my life!

  3. BAH… I read the question and then Chris’ response and my mind went to Family Vacations but the question clearly stated “best vacation” My head is clogged and I’m a little slow this last week!

    So YES, the BEST vacation I have ever had would have to be the 10 days we spent in Hawaii!!


    the best family vacation would be Italy, but that was a hard choice because we did take many vacations and I enjoyed quite a few of them.

  4. Easy, a cross country road trip with the whole family, mother-in-law and a friend who was staying with us from Japan – it took 2 weeks with a very significant stop in “Tombstone, AZ”. Ahh… to be a cowboy!

  5. Lori, don’t feel bad. I got trumped by the Lytle family vacation when he was like 10 or something. I don’t think I’ve taken my best vacation yet. But Boston by myself back in the day was a good one. Boston honeymoon was probably a close 2nd.

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