Question of the day 10/29

Would you rather….

Stand in the middle of Toronto Canada with a sandwhich board saying I hate French Canadians…


Go to a Raider’s game wearing a sandwich board saying Raiders and their fans suck?

I’m going to have to go with the French Canadians…they wouldn’t kill you…unlike the scene at the Raiders game.


8 thoughts on “Question of the day 10/29

  1. um… for the Canadian challenge to really be comparable to the Raiders… you would have to go to Quebec and put a picture of Celine on the sandwich board with a bullet hole in her forhead – oh, and due to the arrogance of the french-canadians it would have to be in french.

    That being said – I would have to go with the Raiders – because just going to Canada would be too painful for me.

    Even though the FC’s would simply walk by you with their noses in the air muttering some broken English line like… (said with a really bad french accent) “Stooopeed, you musss be American, go ‘ome and lissen to more of your ‘igh school musicallle muzic an leaf Celine alone”

  2. Definitely, Canada. I’m going to capitalize on how you picked Toronto instead of, say Montreal. And I think Canadians tend to be less violent, generally speaking; whereas I would be full-on afraid of getting shot at the Raiders game.

  3. I must speak up for my people!!! Who am I kidding, French Canadians hate Americans and would ignore you…it would be much safer than Raider nation. P.S. Toronto? Sacre bleu!

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