I didn’t know…I swear!

OK, so you know how sometimes you catch yourself liking a song and then you find out who its by and you’re all conflicted and stuff.  Yeah that’s me…all the time.  The most recent happened late last week. I’m driving to the office and this song comes on the radio…it was nice.  It remind me a little bit of Jars of Clay with a tinge of Barenaked Ladies – kind of a little acoustic ditty.  Well much to my consternation I found out it was the Jonas Brothers…you read right…The Jonas Brothers.

Don’t judge me!  Because the temptation will be to judge. (Jamie, Beth, Jess, and Rachel – that quote was for you.)

I really like their new song Love Bug.  I don’t want to, but I just can’t help it.

I feel better confessing…although I am sure I have lost the respect of a few friends. (Sorry Luna, and Angelo)

If you haven’t heard it I attached the video.  Enjoy.


7 thoughts on “I didn’t know…I swear!

  1. OH come one… you can’t lose my respect anymore… I kid… I kid…

    I’m glad you like the Jonas Brothers, I don’t and to be honest I’ve never even heard them, I’m guess more against the idea of them.

  2. You know, you wouldn’t be tempted to like bad music if you would stop listening to crappy stations like 98.7 and KBIG. Seriously though, every one has a few skeletons in the closet. Yours just happens to be that you dig music by talentless souless record company created bands that make more money than everybody simply because they have flawless complexions and professionally touseled hair. I mean, have you seen them play?

  3. You will find no judgement from me! After all, I have Radio Disney programmed in my car. Yes, I am 12 years old but I like pop music – what can I say? And that song “Love Bug” is super catchy.

  4. Last comment, I swear. But now that stupid song is stuck in my head. It’s just so darn hooky. I hate myself for admitting that.

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