Good Christian B******

Alright, I don’t think I have any underage readers…but if I do go somewhere else – this also might offend some older folk – so, if you are easily offended – you might want to skip this one today.

One of the blogs I subscribe to, Monday Morning Insights, always has something interesting to read.  Sometimes it’s thought provoking, sometimes funny, sometimes helpful, and sometimes a waste of time.  This morning as I was checking my Bloglines they had an interesting post about a new book that was just released – with a title like “Good Christian Bitches” it caught my attention.

Here is what Todd Rhoades had to say…


A new fiction book that is self-described as a chronicle to back-biting Christian women called “Good Christian Bitches”? Sorry, folks… it’s not Friday, and I can’t make this stuff up!

The book is set in the fictional community of HIllside Park, an upscale Dallas suburb. The characters are back-stabbing, church-going women who use their Bible study as a forum for their gossip.

According to the writer, Kim Gatlin, “”If one person stops and says, ‘If I do this or say this, they’re gonna think I’m a GCB,’ and if they think better of it, then I’ve done a good thing.”

You can watch videos of with the author…

Check out the author video interviews here…


What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Good Christian B******

  1. “Hillside Park, an upscale Dallas suburb”…

    C’mmon… Other than changing Highland to Hillside, there is nothing fictional here! Ooooooohhh, I’m DYING to read this!

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