Question of the day 11/4 (special election question)

Although it would be fun to stir the pot by asking who you voted for…I would never do that because frankly I don’t think it’s anyone’s business.

However, today’s question is inspired by the election.

If you could have one fictional character be the President, who would you vote for?

I’m going to go with John Locke as President with Jack Bauer for VP.



8 thoughts on “Question of the day 11/4 (special election question)

  1. I’m all for Bauer for VP, but David Palmer needs to be the Pres. He was pretty much the perfect president on that show.

    And he’s not fictional, but as long as we tend to be on the TV theme right now, I think there should be a cabinet spot reserved for Jeff Probst.

    Although, just to throw in one more, how about Gregory House as the secretary of defense or something. No messing around there. Maybe we should come up with an all TV star dream team congress.

    OK, I’m done now. Bye.

  2. Alex P. Keaton for President.

    Alexis Carrington-colby-Dexter Rowan as VP. (she’d probably kill off the president at some point – making for good drama)

    Jack Bauer for Sec. of Defense.

    Greg House as Surgeon General.

    Blake Carrington as Sec. of Treasury

  3. Hiro Nakaumura. I know it seriously goes against citizenship requirements for our presidents, but I trust him more than any of the choices on my ballet today.

    Oh, and Ando for VP, of course.

  4. Don’t know about president, but I’d say Dr. Perry Cox ought to be in Washington somewhere (though he’d never do it).

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