Dear President Obama,

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations.  It seems like just yesterday that you gave your key note speech at the Democratic National Convention.  I remember watching you thinking to myself, “this guy is going to president one day” – If I’m honest, I had no idea it would be this soon.

You should know upfront that I didn’t vote for you.  It’s not a personal thing, it’s just politics.  I disagree with a lot of things that you stand for, however, your idealism is inspiring.  You see, I’m a dreamer.  I believe that the impossible is possible.  I believe that things don’t have to be just because they have always been.  I relate with your optimism and your desire for change even if I disagree with some of the particulars.

It is true that I am a Christian, a pastor in fact, and according to some I am supposed to loath you.  I am supposed to disagree with everything you stand for because you are a democrat, and a liberal one at that.  I am told I should raise my voice so that the Republicans (whom I am not affiliated with) do not become irrelevant.  Apparently, Democrats and Republicans have missed the fact that both parties have indeed become irrelevant.

President Obama, you and I both know that you did not win because the country became liberal.  You won because the country is sick and tired of the boisterous ineffective noise that has come from our prominent parties.  You won because you ran on the platform of change and although you have not clearly defined what the change is, the reality remains that people are ready for whatever change they can get.  You ran with the idea of hope, with the idea that we can do better then what we have been doing…and I agree with you. As you begin the transition to becoming Commander and Chief, I have no doubt that the idealism and dreams that have propelled you thus far will continue…at least I hope they do.

Although we disagree on many things, please know that I will support you, pray for you, and do everything in my power to play my part in the democratic process.  I will not speak ill of you nor will I judge you on your past.  I  trust that you will reach across the pettiness that has become our political system, and I believe you will do your best to lead with conviction and strength as you listen to and serve the people of this country.

Tonight is historic and I am proud of our country. Now, with great anticipation, excitement, and expectation I look towards our future. As you embrace this new role, in this new chapter, I wish you nothing but the best as you embark upon a responsibility few could ever understand. As you go forwarded be prepared that I will make my concerns known, I will question things, and there will be times of conflict…after all, I can’t ignore  my moral center…and by moral center I mean the Holy Spirit.  That being said, I am here to help, so please do not hesitate to call if you need anything.

Once again, congratulations.

In Awe of His Grace

Christopher Lytle


11 thoughts on “Dear President Obama,

  1. Ok “history” has been made… now please live up to all the BIG promises, do the right thing and be more of a centrist and not lean towards Pelosi (she is SCARY)

  2. Extremely well put. I loathe the fact that so many people, including many former clasmates of ours, are so sure God is a Republican and justify their actions accordingly. It is time for change. It is time for the rise of the 3rd party in this country. And its time to stand up for Christianity by acting supportive of people and leadership and showing love, not slander and hypocrisy.

  3. I am a 55 year old Christian woman who voted for Obama – with much trepidation, after prayer and wonderment, after much consideration. And yet today I woke up feeling quite unsure. I read Chris’s blog letter early today and it literally ministered to me all day. I like what Amy said. Why do Christians assume God is Republican? And, why do white Christian folk assume that God-fearing, Jesus-loving black folk don’t follow what they feel God is leading them to do in their vote? Jesus told Pilate that authority was granted to him by God. We don’t know what God is up to, what we do know is that God’s plan will not fail, no matter what. I trust God, not man. And now I will pray for our new president as God requires of us – pray for our leaders – we are told to do so!

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