First Christmas gift of the season.


On my lunch break I ran to get Leanne a Christmas gift.  I know it’s the first week of November, but I am big fan of this time of year…and I was afraid the closer we got to the holidays might mean a sell out of this item.

So, although it is almost 2 months away…the Holiday season has begun for me.  Now, I got to get cracking on the Christmas cards.  How about you…have you purchased a Christmas gift this soon?


4 thoughts on “First Christmas gift of the season.

  1. PSHH! Purchased a gift? I’m almost DONE with my Christmas shopping! I know…I’m TOTALLY Monica Gellar when it comes to Christmas gift efficiency, and I have GREAT hiding spots! Just one more to go, and it’s a big one (for Chris). By the way, he LOVED the guitar I gave him last year (I believe I announced it at Downey at one point).

  2. Yep…I have several purchased, and have started making a couple too! I am way more on the ball this year…mostly because I know that when December hits, work is crazy!

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