RIP Michael Crichton


News just broke about the passing of author Michael Crichton.  Although I rarely post anything on my blog when someone famous dies, I could not hold back for this one.  Michael Crichton is who got me hooked into books.  With his scientific mind, sly sense of humor, and fast pace storytelling I was always hooked.  It was while reading Jurassic Park in 7th grade that I discovered how much I love stroytelling and the joys of a good book.  He was a gateway that has lead me to read close to a book a week.

He apparently had been batteling cancer.  He was 66.

His family issued this statement.

“While the world knew him as a great storyteller that challenged our preconceived notions about the world around us — and entertained us all while doing so — his wife Sherri, daughter Taylor, family and friends knew Michael Crichton as a devoted husband, loving father and generous friend who inspired each of us to strive to see the wonders of our world through new eyes.

“He did this with a wry sense of humor that those who were privileged to know him personally will never forget.”


2 thoughts on “RIP Michael Crichton

  1. crap is right. not that i read any of his stuff anymore… but, ya his books growing up where the only one’s i’d read. Jurassic Park, Congo, Terminal Man, Sphere, These are the only books i read growing up!

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