Question of the day 11/6 – part deux

What is your favorite Starbucks beverage?

I’d say mine is a

Caramel Macchiato

with two extra shots of course.


13 thoughts on “Question of the day 11/6 – part deux

  1. I used to be a Caramel Macchiato man, and on a rare occasion it still excites me, but I think now a days I go for a regular old iced coffee with 1 pump of classic.

  2. OK new fav’s = Triple Grande 1/2 pump peppermint 2 pumps white mocha, soy, no whip peppermint white mocha. And two–A soy vivanno with light strawberry sauce, three protien scoops blended nice and thick. It has soy, protien, banana–mmmm.

  3. mmm, now that it’s holiday time, Gingerbread Lattes are my fave…no whip and none of those disgusting ginger flakes that gather at the bottom so when you think you’ll be relishing your last sip, you end up with a mouth full of ginger flakes instead. Blah. Had my first one today and totally forgot about that mess. I had to stop mid-SAT answer to make a face and tell the students why I looked like I did.

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