Obama = End of the World


This is for all of my friends out there who are still freaking out a bit since the election.

I know that many of you are disappointed, but you have begun to move on.  You have begun to pray and you continue to trust the sovereignty of God – which is a good thing.

There are some who can give a rip – to you I say – you should give a rip.

And then there is the rest of you.  Oh the rest of you.

Let me give a little perspective.  You may think that its the end of the world now that Obama is the President elect,  but what’s the worst thing that happens? The church gets persecuted and the country goes to hell in a hand basket?

To my knowledge – mostly do to the study of church history as well as some persecuted countries today – it is in times of persecution that Christ is seen in beautiful contrast – it is in times of persecution that the church actually becomes united and *gasp* even grows.  But hey, what does church history know? I mean those Chinese believers – well it’s just a fluke -same for those in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Congo, and Venezuela. No, no, your right – America is the only hope of the world.  I mean that’s why so many of these persecuted countries are sending missionaries over here right? And sheesh, if it ushers in the return of Jesus – well that’s just down right unacceptable.

Relax – Fear God and nothing else.

You might also find it therapeutic to go listen to REM’s It’s The End of The World As We Know It. Although you and I both know the only part besides the chorus you sing along with is when it says Leonard Bernstein.


8 thoughts on “Obama = End of the World

  1. I wonder why some people think Obama=end of this world or “antichrist”. He isnt even the president yet so how can one pass a judgement? Its true that you shouldnt fear Obama but you should fear God 🙂

  2. I don’t think it’s the end of the world. I do think it was the wrong choice and for the wrong reasons and we’ll have a LOT of disappointed people who are expecting things that he’ll NOT be able to deliver. I know we’ll also see a lot of double standards (things Bush did were bad, but if Obama has to do the same thing, it’ll be considered necessary…)

    I also think we’re in for a rough ride for the next 4 – 8 years regardless of who is in office. I do know that in the past, when times were bad like they are now, the party who will be in power now have been good at taking us further into the mess (recession) instead of making things better.

    Yeah, I’m over being upset ‘our guy didn’t win’, because really neither was my first choice. However, unlike how EVERYONE turned Bush into a stupid villain over the last 8 years, I will support our the president but I also may be critical of his policies!

  3. I take it you were happy with Bush and figured he was a lily peacemaker– or perhaps you admired his eloquence and cheerful demeanor– no maybe it was his stellar voting record– or his laugh–

    And how in the world could McCain have made any type of improvement? War was at the top of his list..
    That isn’t Christlike either–
    Voting on morality is not what the constitution had in mind–
    Who fooled you best– that’s it…
    Or is knowledge, wisdom, insight, discernment, and prophecy all tied for first place on you spiritual gift list…
    good grief

  4. Hi,

    I was just browsing all the new posts on the home page and yours stood out to me because of Obama. Looks like we are kindred spirits. Please read my post on Obama here:

    Would you be interested in a blogroll exchange with me? I’m kinda new to all of this and would love to trade a link with you.

    Good picture you used too. I had to laugh about your choice of song though. REM is one of my favs.

    Talk soon

  5. I really appreciate your commentary in light of considering the rest of the world. I’ve seen far too many comments, emails, etc. come my way recently that act as if America is the end all, be all. I challenge these people to travel…even just a little bit…and see that there’s lots going on in the rest of the world and its not all about YOU, America!

  6. I agree there is more going on in the world.

    However I think the world may view that differently. Look at what happened over the last few months, when our economy tanked, so did the world’s, so yeah we kind of are important to the rest of the world.

    We are supposedly the leader of the free world and it sure seemed like all other countries were paying attention to our election!

  7. I don’t think the world is going to end! I certainly don’t think my world is going to end. I trust in God and it is in Him, not Obama or Bush or the GOP, that I put my trust.

    That being said, I’m sad for the consequences of his policies I believe we will see.

    I’m sad for the people who will lose their jobs (we may be one of them), I’m sad for those who will lose their homes, I’m sad for those in the homosexual community that feel emboldened by his election and become more entrenched in a lifestyle separated from God’s plan for their lives, I’m sad for those who have lost loved ones in Iraq to see that sacrifice diminished by one who wants to declare defeat and come home, I’m sad for the victims of the terrorists’ next attack which our vice president-elect has promised is coming, I’m sad for Israel that feels very alone in the world. In short, I don’t believe the world is ending, but I do believe we will see more suffering than we otherwise would have.

    Does Obama’s election usher in the return of Christ? Yes

    Of course all of history is ushering in the return of Christ. I’m quite sure that God is using this election, as He uses all events, to further His plan for the ultimate redemtion of mankind.

    The world is not ending until God says it is ending. Until then… my hope is in Him.

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