Question of the day 11/13

Alright friends – this is an important question.

So important in fact – that it may dictate how I feel about you.  No pressure.

Here it is.

Cats or Dogs?

This should be an easy answer for everyone.  Pick the animal that has a soul – a dog.



15 thoughts on “Question of the day 11/13

  1. I vote Cat.

    Dog’s are too easy and demand way more attention than what i’m willing to ever give in a lifetime… or even a day.

  2. You know, God gave mankind dogs to demonstrate His love and faithfulness to us. He even named it after Himself, just backward. Man delighted in the joy and undying friendship he found with his dog. But then we became puffed up thinking we deserved all that love and loyalty.

    So God gave man cats to humble him. The cats didn’t come when we called, they didn’t lay down their lives to please us. They generally became absorbed in their own lives and licking.

    Now mankind found some balance. Man was happy, God was happy, the dog was happy. The cat couldn’t care less.

  3. This one is really hard. I’ve been an over-the-top dog enthusiast my entire life, and love them to this day (and have two at home right now) but a few years back (much to my suprise) I got my first cat. I now have two, and I love those cats as much as my two dogs (and my siamese even acts like a dog at times). Go figure.

  4. I guess if they made dogs that didn’t STINK, SLOBBER, BARK, DIG or BOWL you over when you are just trying to be mellow, I’d prefer them more.

    That being said, I do like dogs, but not more than I like cats. Also, if you’re going to have a dog don’t get a little “lap”/”yap” dog with a complex, get a big family dog!

  5. Sure, dogs have souls, because they weren’t savvy enough to sell them to the devil for super powers (primarily stealth, anti-gravity abilities, and cold-hearted indifference) like the cats. I prefer to be on their side when their world domination plots eventually pan out.

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