Gap Holiday ads 2008 – Seriously?!

Alright, so I will admit it.  I love Christmas – everything about it – the decorations, people’s attitudes, the illusive idea of snow, Christmas music, department stores, and of course commercials.

Today a friend pointed my attention to two of the new GAP Holiday ads…and all I can say is…ummm seriously Gap?  Seriously?!

The first one is kind of fun…kind of – You might recognize a few of the folks in it.  They are all relatively famous.

The second one however is just the Dixie Chicks and Sandra Bernhard.  First off, it sounds like the Chicks are out of key the entire spot. Secondly, why would you put Sandra Bernhard in a commercial?  Although I will say her last line made me laugh. Take a look for yourselves and tell me what you think.

For further enjoyment or critique here are a few more.


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