Question of the day 11/19

Why is McDonalds Coke so much better than any other Coke product?


15 thoughts on “Question of the day 11/19

  1. You are absolutley right. I think it’s a conspiracy to make you eat more fries…. or maybe the fries make you want more coke??

    I thought of you when the monolopy came back up. Did you play lots??

  2. I’m more interested in wanting to know when they are bringing the mc rib back..mmmm! About the actual question..I think they have just figured out the perfect combination of carbonation and syrup!

  3. There is a bona fide scientific answer to why DIET coke tastes better out of a fountain (or worse, depending on your tongue’s artificial sweetener preferences): Saccharin. Canned/bottled diet cokes are sweetened solely with aspartame, but aspartame is a pH sensitive compound which degrades and therefore loses sweetness in the fountain preparation. To maintain sweetness, saccharin is added to Diet Coke. And hey, who doesn’t love yummy saccharin? Nature’s candy.

  4. Wouldn’t know-Dr. Pepper anyone?
    I think coke out of a can taste best though-I had it out of a fountain many of times, and it wasn’t the same to me…

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