Two toddlers and me

About two months ago two of our friends asked if someone could watch their daughter for a weekend.  I knew Leanne and I would be doing it…mostly because we really like these people and their daughter and we like to help out whenever we can.

That being said, when we said yes Leanne wasn’t working on Saturdays.  She is now.

So, from 8:30 -2 it’s just two toddlers and me.  They get along great.  No tears except last night when my daughter put a lanyard around our friend’s daughters neck and tried to drag her through the house.  Other than that they have read together, played the piano together, laughed together….so it’s all good I tell myself.

Until I realize that from 8:30-2 it’s just two toddlers and me.  I mean what if they gang up on me or something?  What if there’s an earthquake or a fire? What if one finds a fork and stabs the other…or me? These are just a few of thought residing in my head for today.  I am sure it will all be ok…they are both really good girls – but still it’s just two toddlers and me.

We are going to watch a movie now…Aladdin I think – here gooooooooeeeeeesssssssss!


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