How to save Heroes


Is it just me or does Heroes suck now?

I have begun watching only to see if it will actually get better instead of the story or characters.  Here is the problem – when the show began it was all these regular people with special powers.  Because of that the audience was able to relate with them/envy them.  Over the course of the last two seasons however, we have seen the “heroes” become self involved unrelatable characters that apparently suffer no real consequences.  Beyond that, instead of sticking with a fairly typical comic book format. (i.e. – Have one central villain that is targeting normal folks and normal folks need to be spared all the while keeping secret identity and hero pressures hidden) the writers have opted for a much less interesting form of infighting where normal people really have no stake or danger.

To solve this dilema I have put together a very scientific, mostly biased list of what I think should change.

1. – Kill people.  Learn from Lost or 24 – It raises the stakes, makes things more interesting, and provides at least some form of reality.  And the first person to kill should be Mohinder. For the love of everything good and holy get rid of him.  He serves no purpose but to aggravate the viewer with his whineyness and relative moral center. Also, I would encourage you to kill Peter, Claire’s (real) mom, Maya, and that dude who gets stronger from people’s fear.  Peter because he has been at the center.  It would make a statement that no one is immune.  Claire’s mom for emotional purposes (and should be done by Claire). Maya because she is useless.  And that dude who gets stronger from peoples fear because he is a horrible actor and the power is kind of lame.

2. Individual stories with an overarching arc of mythology.  The mythology is so twisted no one can follow it.  Make episodes stand alone with an overarching mythology tying them together.

3. Focus on them actually being heroes. Seriously.  One of the reasons Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, etc are engaging is because they help normal people while dealing with their own issues.  Instead what we get is a super hero soap opera that has no relevance to the viewer.

4. Stop the time travel. This method of story telling has single handedly made this show less watchable.  it’s cool for an episode or two but not for an entire story arc.

5. Bring in a love story. I know it sounds cliche – but the aspects of love are a powerful storytelling perspective that is if it is handled well.

6. Painting the future – Stop it.  Again, if used once or twice it is kind of cool and a great way of foreshadowing.  But if you use it as foreshadowing than follow through, don’t make it some this might happen crap.  Also if everyone can paint the future what is there to look forward to?  There is no element of surprise and it takes away any uniqueness one might posses.

Well, there you have it.  Is there anything I left out?  let me know.


7 thoughts on “How to save Heroes

  1. I STILL maintain that the show sucks! I never got into it during the first season and every time I attempt to watch it’s BOOOOORING! I say kill it and move on!

  2. You discount the fact that they’ve killed a lot of characters already. Simmone, Isaac Mendez, Hiro’s dad, D.L., maya’s brother, adam monroe, nikki, parkman’s dad, and I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

    Why do the episodes have to stand alone? The entire season is about good heroes banding together to fight against the evil heroes that Arthur Petrelli is assembling. Within that overarching storyline you have plenty of self-contained stories. Not to mention that each season has been self-contained.

    Batman and superman? You want them to dress up and wear capes?

    I think the time travel stuff is great, and I think Hiro is one of the best characters there is.

    There have been several love story lines. There was nikki and DL, Tracy and Nathan, Mohinder and Maya, and how can you gloss over Parkman and Daphne?

    And not everyone can paint the future. Isaac could, he’s dead. Peter and Sylar both absorbed that power. Arthur killed the African man, so total there are three people that can do it. And I don’t think the info given about the future has ever ruined the storyline. The information about the future is always vague and just gives little nuggets about what is to come.

    There, I have defended Heroes and can go to bed with honor. haha.

  3. You have a lot more patience than I do. I loved the prior seasons, but I couldn’t even get past the first episode. I was so confused and didn’t have the energy to try to figure it out. Maybe if they would have had a recap or something. Everyone I know has stopped watching. It’s OK – let go

  4. Thank you, Nathan118. I agree with all you’ve said. Husband, I am saddened by this post and don’t know that I can ever, in good conscience, sit on the couch next to you while watching Heroes.

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