The Return of Question of the Day

Well after a short holiday break I’m back!  I hope all of you loyal readers, friends, and lurkers enjoyed your Thanksgiving.  Now that Turkey Day has come and gone it is time to turn our attention to Christmas.

Having said that…

If you could have one gift for Christmas what would it be…you know besides world peace?

I would have to say a trip to Italy.



6 thoughts on “The Return of Question of the Day

  1. you would be house bound and probably wouldn’t be able to leave your house for 2 days. Which most Californian’s I would bet couldn’t do since the city doesn’t have the salt rashions to melt the snow to drive on the streets, nor cars with the correct tire tread to drive on it. Not to mention the smarts.

    But i do agree, the snow would be nice. for a couple of days.

    As for my Xmas gift
    Trip to Japan.Japan.

  2. Whirled Peas.

    But seriously, I would like a bucket of keeping up with the Joneses, a truckload of things I don’t need, and a hefty helping of the grass is greener on the other side. No, wait, I’d wish for an appreciation of what I have. Take that, the Grinch (the green cartoon one, not the Jim Carey one).

  3. OH Kevin,

    I have lived in the snow and have experience driving and living) SO I would be able to leave the house, I still have snow clothing and boots, I know how to load/weight down the bed of my truck and drive (even with the current tires I have). Even if I was one of a few on the road I’d have a great 2 days of it!

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