Vintage Christmas


On December 13th Revolution Church is presenting our brand new Christmas experience called Vintage Christmas. A few months ago we were trying to think of something new that no one else was doing around us.  A common thing that was said was it’s too bad we don’t have snow in LA…well, we do now.

We thought to ourselves….why not create a Christmas experience for all ages that is reminiscent to the Christmas’ that is captured in old Norman Rockwell Paintings.  So thanks to the city of Los Alamitos and a ton of volunteers from Revolution, we will be creating a winter wonderland for all to enjoy.  We’re going to have a sledding hill, a snow play area, Santa, crafts, a train, food served from old fashioned carts, hand dipped caramel apples, falling snow, and few other surprises.

If you are in the area we invite any and all to come and enjoy the festivities.

Vintage Christmas will be at Laurel Park in Los Alamitos on the corner of Bloomfield and Katella from 5-8pm.

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