My Top 10 Episodes From 2008

Alright, this list is a little tougher because the things that are represented are from only the TV shows that I watch.  That being said – these 10 episodes of television were awesome.

10. Wedding Wars: Top Chef – If you don’t watch this show, you should.  In one of the toughest challenges ever you get to experience the joy of people’s suffering.

9. The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis: The Big Bang Theory – This episode shows the brilliance of why this is such a funny show.

8. Show 411: So You Think You Can Dance – The very first performance episode of the season and you quickly realize the Katee and Joshua are freaking awesome and the ones to beat.

7. The Shape of Things to Come: Lost – The first of two entries on my list.  This Ben-centric episode is pure drama and excitement that leads to the finality and confusion of the season ender.

6. Goodbye Toby: The Office – I think the best episode of The Office ever.

5. MILF Island: 30 Rock – Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant.

4. For Warick: CSI – In a season of change it begins with the sadness of losing one of the most consistent characters on television and the reactions of the rest of the team plays with balance and authenticity.

3. House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart: House – I’m not a huge House fan but the season finally was, in my humble opinion, one of the best season finales of any show.

2. 10 Sessions: How I Met Your Mother – If you don’t watch this show you may not understand but this episode is solid all the way around.

1. The Constant: Lost – If you’ve seen it, then you know exactly why it’s on here.  If you haven’t then you have missed out on the most well written piece of story telling since Pulp Fiction.

I know this list may be polarizing so feel free to debate.


One thought on “My Top 10 Episodes From 2008

  1. I completely agree that “The Constant” was AMAZING!! I think its slot as number 1 is well deserved. I also loved Goodbye Toby – does anybody have a camera?!?! Classic.

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