My Top 10 Movies of 2008

Allow me to place a disclaimer as I begin.  I have missed a lot of movies this year and there are quite a few that I want to see but have not had the time or money.  So, this list reflects only those movies I have seen.  As always feel free to add your own at the end. I guess one more disclaimer…some of the movies are not for kiddies.

10. Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – I have to be honest, I was disappointed with this movie.  I am an Indiana Jones guy but this did not live up to the expectations.  That being said it gets better upon multiple viewings.

9. Hellboy II – It’s like a whole other world.

8. Man on Wire – Really an incredible film that sounds like it would be boring and ends up being fascinating.

7. Cloverfield – Minus the small bit of motion sickness I still think this movie is genius.

6. Wanted – Kick butt.

5. The Visitor – Do yourself a favor and rent this movie.

4. Happy Go Lucky – Although you would think it would border on cheese an unreality it is a very grounded film that is down right good.

3. Iron Man – Because it’s freaking awesome.

2. The Dark Knight – Same as above.

1. Wall -E – Yes it’s animated but that in no way means it isn’t the years best film.  There are so many pieces of bliss and sheer genius as well as social and political commentary that it rises above.  Add that to the fact that both kids and adults were captivated and you have a perfect number 1.

–Some movies I am sure will make my top ten once I see them… Rachel Getting MarriedSlumdog MillionaireBurn After Reading – and – Doubt


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