My Bottom 10 of 2008

Happy New Year everyone!  I had one last top 10 to share with you…except it is really my bottom 10.  This list is comprised of only things in the pop cultural world not my personal life.  If you would like to see lows of last year in my personal life, feel free to read my year end review.  Without further adieu I present my top…err…bottom 10 Pop Culture moments of 2008.

10. Chinese Democracy – Guns N’ Roses: After all that time it wasn’t even that good.

9. Lindsay Lohan: Seriously, what happen to the girl from The Parent Trap?

8. Speed Racer: The second worst movie of the year.

7. The death of Heath Ledger: So much potential…lost.


5. The Moment of Truth – Fox: The most inane, manipulative, disgusting show I have ever seen.

4. Heroes – NBC: What happened to you?  Hopefully the Spring will finally redeem the crap that has been your convoluted, contrived, and unrelatable storytelling.

3. Harry Potter going full monty in Equus: Ewww ewww ewww ewww

2. Al Franken: For the love of everything good and holy how could he get that many votes?!?!

1. The Happening: The single worst movie I had seen all year.  Which sucked because I was looking forward to it….ooohhhhhh plants…run….LAME.  I want to burn it by a tree just to see If I could piss off nature.  Whew….I feel better.


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