Question of the day 1/7


California Pizza Kitchen
Pizza Hut
Pappa John’s

Yeah…I’m kind of a pizza snob so I go with CPK.


9 thoughts on “Question of the day 1/7

  1. If I had to choose one of those, I’d also go with CPK. The Tostada Pizza is amazing!

    But my all time favorite pizza is the Hockey Player from Fitness Grill!

  2. i’m not choosing from the list and i’m gonna pick PIna’s Pizza or Downey Pizza Company.

    but from the list CPK.

  3. From the list I guess Pappa John’s because I’ve never been to CPK-however I have only heard great things about it.
    There is this place in my hometown-Rastrelli’s-and the mom and pop italian place beats anything I’ve had in the U.S.

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