The space between

I have a lot on my mind this morning.  There is this struggle I have…I call it the space between.  The place that you seem to be at when you know God has something in store for you but you are not ready to receive it. For me I know what it is already.  I’ve known for 7 years…and yet I am still in the space between.

The difficulty arises when, as leaders, we try and race through the space between to the end result or promise that awaits. We ignore the actual vision, the God sized vision, that has been percolating inside of us because our impetuous nature says go. The passion that has been burning within us wants to be released and it feels as if it cannot be contained.  It’s the curse that comes with the blessing.  If we run ahead we risk losing it all.  If we fall behind we risk the same.

So I rest in the space between.

Taking in all I can, learning everything I can, preparing all I can, investing all I can…knowing that one day the time will come for the passion and dreams to be released but in the mean time, in the in between time, God has me right where He wants me.


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