Sam and Esther

This video has been making the rounds on a few different blogs and for good reason.  For you Revolution folk this is the video I spoke of.  Have tissues on hand.


2 thoughts on “Sam and Esther

  1. This is heartbreaking. I’m a cry baby but I don’t normally cry when watching something on film, regardless of how real it is. This left me with tears running down my face. I was talking to the kids today telling them that even in the midst of our troubles, we’re more blessed than we know and that there are people who have never even seen light through electricity, much less a grocery store.

  2. as wonderful as the story is, i can’t help but to notice that as they were telling about what happened in the end, how the two children received aid, the older sister who had taken care of her sister and brother most likely for thier whole lifes had been placed with another family. i understand in a way why it happened like it did, none the less i wonder how it affected the children to be seperated after being cared for and caring for each other for so long…

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