The legacy we leave behind

I just got back from a funeral.

As I sat there listening to the stories people shared I was struck by the legacy this man was leaving behind.  I am good friends with his grandson and the same generosity, kindness, and Italianess (is that a word?) that defined this man also defines those he invested in – like my friend.

In our own lives do we ever wonder what we are going to be known for?  The legacy that we will leave behind?  Not the legacy of material possessions or accomplishments rather the legacy of things unseen.  That indelible mark on peoples lives that carries on long after we are gone. That influence that changes the way people see things and how they live their lives.

As I sat amongst 200 or so at the funeral it was obvious how much Papa John left his mark…and not just with thoes who knew him but those that knew someone who knew someone that knew him.

Are you leaving your mark – your legacy?

If not, what are you waiting for?


One thought on “The legacy we leave behind

  1. Thanks.

    While I was sitting there today praying then crying I began to feel a sense of calm come over me as I began to think about his legacy. As I looked around at the Church I knew I was witnessing some of his legacy and I felt comfort and joy.

    My grandfather was BIG on legacy and it’s something we talked about often and even more so in the past 5 – 10 years. His legacy screamed at me today most during the speech given by the woman I never met who spoke today.

    So while I am sad he is gone and will no longer be able to offer all that LOVE, advice… he has so generously given to me (and others) in his lifetime I am also deeply humbled with the impression he has left with so many of and I will continue to pass on what I have learned from him in both action and story.

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